How to deploy Kaspersky Network Agent via SCCM

SCCM Software Deployment


Firstly, we need to download last package for agent. Open our Kaspersky Security Center :

Our instalation source

If you have already created packages, skip this step, else we gonna create new one. Press “Additional actions -> View current versions of Kaspersky lab applications “. Then, you will see this table :

Versions that you have

Go to “workstations” section and choose versions that you want to deploy. Simply click download distribution package. Then, by “next->next->next” mode 😀 , create instalation package in the same menu. Finaly, it must store at your KLSHARE. Do the same job for second package (Agent or Client).

Deploy by SCCM

We will deploy the agent. Open our SCCM console :

Then manually specify the application information :

Choose Manually

Put your information in tabs :


Add icon and if you want, add link to documentation :


Add new deployment type :

Do it manually again :

In previous versions of Kaspersky software we can deploy it by msi files. But now it occures to error. I don’t understand this behavior, but keep it in mind. In this section we will use “setup.exe”.

So, setup.exe has following parameters :

Now, we should add “detection method”. 

Click add new detection method and provide the values as at picture bellow:

For last section use value occurs to your version of agent

Also, provide “User Expirience”. If you want to deploy it by Task sequence, set the parametrs as bellow :

We will not customize other sections. That won’t be necessary. Finish app creating with “next” mode 😀

And don’t forget to distribute your content to DP. Also, I prefer to deploy it with “Required” option, together with Kaspersky client. I show it at another post. I hope this information helps you!


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