Windows 10 RDS Gateway Error

If you providing Windows support , and on top of that, working with users directly, you should be able to deal with crazy challenges posed by users. But it’s not relevant to this situation. This time the problem was created by the system bug. When clients of our company started to upgrade their systems fron […]

How to prepare Reference Image Windows 10 1809 for SCCM

In this article I wanna to show you how I prepare reference image for SCCM in my environment. This will allow you to avoid repeating the same job every time. Course of action: Creating Virtual-machine. Install clean image on it. Install all updates, software and remove unnecessary. Exporting all customization of our system. Prepare Unattended.xml. […]

How to deploy Kaspersky Network Agent via SCCM

Preparations Firstly, we need to download last package for agent. Open our Kaspersky Security Center : If you have already created packages, skip this step, else we gonna create new one. Press “Additional actions -> View current versions of Kaspersky lab applications “. Then, you will see this table : Go to “workstations” section and choose […]

Silent Deployment of 1C Enterprise Via SCCM

Hello buddies! Today I gonna show you, how to install 1C client for users by SCCM. The key feature of this deployment is knowledge of parameters that indicates to our installation, which components of program we want to install. I don’t want to describe all of them, we shall address only of those, that we […]

Manage OFFICE 365 groups by powershell

When you’re working with Exchange online, sometimes it annoying you, cuz each time you need to log in in browser, finding menu with office 365 groups, find the group in search that you need to modify , add user to it. Stop doing monkey job! Let’s create powershell module which allows us to manage groups […]

Set phone numbers to users in Lync Server and ActiveDirectory by powershell

Today, we create a script, which allow to us set free numbers to users in Lync, which didn’t have it and add this number to ActiveDirectory user profile. Connect to Lync server Firstly, we create a function that connects to our lync server. It’s very similar with our Exchange function, that we have created previously. […]

Deploy Kasperskiy Endpoint Security 11 by SCCM

So, previously we have successfully installed Kasperskiy network agent. Let’s continue our automation, and install the client for users. First of all, you should create instalation package, I have told about that here. When all preparations is done, go to SCCM console and create a new app : Software Library -> Applications -> Create Application […]

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